Patio Cover Style

Patio Bras

Patio Bras are custom-made sunscreens that function as a fabric lattice patio cover. It shields you from the sun’s harmful rays and rain. Please contact us if you want to cover your patio with a Patio Bra.

Patio Bra: Covers

Have a Lattice or Patio Cover already, but it lets in too much rain or sun? Or perhaps you want to build a new Patio Cover, but you also want more shade options? Then consider the Patio Bra. Designed to be fitted and stretched to lay across the top of Patio Covers, its lightweight design and material allow for light to filter through your Patio while enhancing your shade coverage.
· With 90% Coverage, you can enjoy sunlight and rain still filtering through your cover. But with 100% coverage, your Patio Bra will keep the rain out and still allow light to filter through. With Patio Bra covers and curtains, your outdoor experience is how you choose it.

Patio Bra: Curtains

Do you have the perfect patio cover already, but that harsh afternoon light makes your outdoor experience unbearable? Then consider an Outdoor Curtain. With options on installation from horizontal or vertical manual curtains to electronic roll-down curtains, the invasive sun’s rays will no longer be an issue. Simply attach the curtain to whichever side of the patio cover you wish to create shade, then roll it down whenever you need it. It’s that easy.
But these curtains don’t stop at just Patios. Add an Outdoor Curtain to your California Sunroom to give yourself shade exactly where you need it. Consider adding an Outdoor Curtain to your backyard or patio today and enjoy the outdoors the way you want to.