Patio Cover Installation for Roseville, CA

Our Patio Covers

Are you looking to install a patio cover? Look no further! R.A.L. Builders Inc has provided high-quality patio cover installation services for many years and we’ve got you covered. Our patio covers come in a variety of styles to suit your needs.

If you live in Roseville, CA, and would like high-quality patio covers to protect your patio, give us a call at 916-960-4889—we will be happy to tell you more and help you order or schedule your patio cover installation.


Patio Covers

For a classic look, try our essential patio covers which offer clean lines that will look great on your home. These can be installed on your roof or wall and are a popular choice.

Are you looking for total shade and protection? Our Solid Patio Covers have got you covered, rain or shine. Choose an Insulated Roof Panel or Flat Pan Cover to customize your patio cover.

For those who love the sun but also enjoy the shade, our Lattice Patio Covers are the perfect option. You can soak up some sun in a variety of ways and customize the shade-to-sun ratio to your liking. Our lattice covers provide an attractive sight for your backyard.

Looking for a combination of styles? Our Combination Patio Covers will enable your imagination to run wild when designing your environment. These covers protect you from intense heat, rain, or shine, every day.

For a sophisticated touch that integrates function and style, try our Louvered Patio Covers. They are adjustable depending on what your needs are and provide the ultimate outdoor experience for any event or everyday use.

No matter what type of patio cover you are looking for, we can help you. Visit our gallery page to see some of the beautiful patio covers we have installed on other homes.

Solid Patio Covers

In rain or shine, a Solid Patio has got you covered. Solid Covers offer full shade and total protection of your patio. Try out our Insulated Roof Panels or our Flat Pan Covers. An expanded polystyrene core is layered between embossed aluminum panels to create the Insulated Roof Panels. Therefore, whatever you envision, we can make it a reality.

Duralum Patio Covers

Four Seasons Solid Patio Covers & Combinations

Four Seasons Insulated Patio Cover

Lattice Patio Cover

Love the sun but want some shade? Lattice Patio Covers allow you to enjoy the sun in various ways while customizing your sun to shade ratio to suit your preferences. Enjoy the aesthetically pleasant sight of a lattice cover in your backyard with our products.

Duralum Patio Cover (Slate-Flyer)

Four Seasons Patio Covers (Classic Series)

Combination Patio Covers

Do you want a cover with both open and solid style sections? We can do it. Combination Patio Covers allow you to choose how you want to be protected from the hottest days to the coldest winter days, rain or shine, every day. They enable your imagination to get creative when designing your environment.

Louvered Patio Covers

Louvered Patio Covers elevate the outdoor experience by integrating function and sophistication. Do you wish you could alter your patio cover based on the weather? Now, meet the Louvered Patio Cover. This is the perfect option for entertaining outdoor enthusiasts.
Louvered patios can be opened and closed according to the weather and your needs. The Louvered Patio Cover allows you to enjoy your backyard in any weather, whether you are hosting an event or simply lounging on your back patio.